I wanted to give you a quick update on our pup (Rage & Fat Boy’s) pup. She has an insane amount of drive and her hunting skills are AWESOME! She just completed the intermediate bird dog course at West Country Kennels last week. I will be doing some tournament hunting with her this fall and I will keep you posted of our progress.

-Mankato, MN​​ 
I just wanted to give you another update on Maggie (Rage & Fat Boy’s pup). She just turned a year old and is a hunting machine – she has phenomenal drive and a great nose. We have competed in 1 tournament so far and we took 3rd out of 12 dogs (puppy class under 22 months). I have used her to guide a few hunts as well and she has performed as well or better than the other older dogs. I hunted her in Saskatchewan in early October where she had both field and water retrieves. This fall she has flushed 20+ game farm birds and 30 wild birds between MN and IA.

As a house dog, once she is inside she is great (we have 2 kids, another dog, and a bird in the house).
Scout is a nice puppy. Very clean and quiet. Good prey drive and retrieving desire.

-South Dakota
We're really enjoying our puppy. She's a sweetheart and her training is going well. She loves to retrieve and has an excellent nose. You should see her track a bird drug through the weeds. Impressive. Thanks again!!!

Nice looking pup out of Cricket QAA x FC AFC Artic 4 months old.

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